Embarssment: The dpreview "hands on" Nikon 1

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Richard Butler
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Re: Pathetic

Jay Turberville wrote:

Actually, I like the concept just fine. In fact, I called for such a camera about six years ago specifying both the sensor size of 1" and suggesting that it be called "The One."

I have a Nikon Coolpix 8400 (8mp 2/3" sensor) and it takes fine pictures even with its older sensor technology. I imagine that the 1 System cameras from Nikon will have even greater capabilities and should be able to produce technically superior images in an even greater range of circumstances.

In my many years on these forums I've been regularly amazed at how ready so many people are to dismiss smaller sensor equipped cameras. You'd think that they'd give a big hip-hooray for a compact system camera with a sensor much larger than is typically found in "prosumer" compact. But no. Somehow they just can't get past that the sensor is smaller than APS-C. Oh well ...

There is a tendency to assume every camera is aimed at the sort of enthusiast that make up much of the forums. Followed by a great gnashing of teeth when camera makers try to target someone else.

And congratulations, you do appear to have been pretty prescient on this one.

Richard - dpreview.com

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