Who need Nikon F1 When there is NEX and Micro 4/3

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Re: Where did you get that information?

rocklobster wrote:
Wellington 100 said:

Believe it or not the Nikon has a lower pixel density than the newest Sony Nex camera so the Nikon should have as good if not better dynamic range and low light capability .

I don't believe it!

Simple mathematics says that the area of an APS-C sensor vs Nikon 1 sensor is (2.7/1.5) (2.7/1.5) = 3.24 bigger. Now, mp count ratio 24/10 = 2.4 so the Sony pixel size is 3.24/2.4 = 1.35 bigger than the Nikon.

Why are you dividing crop factors? They have nothing to do with real mathematical comparisons of image sensors. Those are focal length field of view comparisons to equate what a lens will give a potential user related to a familiarly used system (35mm). You have to look at the areas of the image sensors. The nex7 sensor is 3.15 times bigger than the V1 sensor.

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