Who need Nikon F1 When there is NEX and Micro 4/3

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Re: And that has to be the stupidest post ever

sandy b wrote:

The q is a point and shoot that doesnt take Nikon lens. The 1 is nikon mount with an AF faster than the D3s. My 180 on the 1 equals a 500. The diminutive 40 macro becomes a 105, perfect for portraits. The 18-200 vr becomes a 50-550. Point is, if you already have thees lens, they will work on the 1. And Nikon will build on this, there is almost certainly a 2 in the works, new lens, third party support. You better believe this mount is here to stay.

Time will tell. You seem a little bit overly optimistic for a totally untested system. I see it has some nice tricks up its sleeve, that I'd like very much to see trickle up to dslr systems, but the price is more than a little over the top.

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The fact that a-mount lenses are still worth any money at all is thanks to the success of SLT.

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