Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

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Re: Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

buda1065 wrote:

Small, APS-C sensor 16-20mp, EVF, and Nikon mount (with or without adapter),1080p/60 video--that would've done it for them.

Everybody seems to think that they should have released this hypothetical camera. Let me ask a few questions:

How much MORE would you be willing to pay for the new camera compared to a D5100? Or how much more are you willing to pay for 60p, EVF, 250g less and a depth reduced by 3 cm? Because if Nikon is still earning the same amount of money on the new one, these developments need to be paid. An E-like mount would reduce size, but you need to develop a new set of lenses. Or would you be satisfied if the D5200 had 60p and an EVF?

What are the real advantages of the EVF that you need? You will definitely pay a price in terms of power consumption. Is it size (without mirror)? Is it silent shutter (does not need EVF)? Is it PDAF in live view (does not need EVF)? Is it manufacturing cost (but development needs to be paid as well)?

To be clear: I see a bright future in mirrorless cameras, but what exactly is it functionally that you are missing in the current DSLRs that would be immediately imporoved in a mirrorless?

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