Nikon V1 - I've decided to buy one (selling my GH2)

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Re: Nikon V1 - I would buy one (if I had not bought mFT)

2 years ago, I bought into the Lumix G1, then GF1, then G2 with the adaptors to use the legacy MF lenses... slowly testing out the mirrorless waters.

If I did not buy those Panny (along with the 14-45, 45-200, 14, 20, 14-140 ... still eying the 7-14) ... I would not hesitate today getting into the Nikon 1 system. But for now, I 'd let Nikon release the lenses on their roadmap and wait for the prices to settle down first. No need to rush.

This announcement is a great step for Nikon. Many companies do great research (I am thinking of Pentax) yet never execute their R&D into finished products. Inside this Nikon 1, there are many new innovations that can be expanded up and down the Nikon lineup. As a Nikon DSLR committed, I can wait to see what the next D400, D4, D800 have ...

In the meantime, while most of the DPR posters scream and yell bloody murder and "what a disaster".. etc, I think this Nikon 1 system will sell well and will make a decent impact in the market ... the crowd Nikon aims at is not the DPR techno-savvy folks like us... They are the average folks who simply want a good enough camera that is not "sooo slow" and have enough flexibility to grow, yet not so ready or is too intimidated by the big DSLR's.

Nikon is not so stupid as the nay-sayers think.

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