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Re: street photography: M9 vs GXR

jeff hladun wrote:

Marcus, your premise that the most important strength of shooting street is stealth I think is incorrect. Having a small and quiet camera body is not the key to success in this genre of photography. As Artichoke said on your blog, were that true, then a cell-phone would be the camera of choice.

Being invisible on the street doesn't mean you have to shoot furtively and undetected. It means almost the opposite - you have to be completely comfortable on the street, and know that you have every right to be there, taking pictures of anything you want. If you can accomplish that, as Louis, Irakily and Peter demonstrate here so often, then your invisibility develops through your ease in the moment. I don't see any reason why the GXR cannot be your camera of choice, any more than the M9.

But - and here is something else your lack of experience indicates - the greatest advantage of using any sort of rangefinder is the ability to view what is happening outside the frame whenever you look through the viewfinder. This alone speeds up the ability to compose to your preference. On that score, the GXR (as well as the DSLRs you discuss in your blog) takes just a second seat. I've noticed that many users of rangefinders are not consciously aware of this aspect at first, but eventually with enough use they do.


I was merely pointing out that those 2 points that are used in various forums for M9 are not true when compared to a system like GXR. and Hence GXR should take the crown if these 2 were the only points.

When its comes to street photography, i am referring most of the time to shooting from the hip, not using the viewer. As mention in the blog, in other areas and for versatility, i do prefer the M9.


thanks for pointing that out, i will update the blog. I don't have X1 so unable to provide any credibility, but if it works as u says, manual focus can be set to 3 or 5 m and turning off the LCD while shooting, i guess you have a winner! (again solely on those 2 points)

Artichoke was jumping the gun when he quoted mobile phone.

Mobile phones have a bad rep for voyeurism and underskirts, good luck if u dare use that for street photography. I would say it attracts more attention than a compact whenever the phone is held in questionable positions. And we have such a puny sensor...bad iso...list goes on

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