Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

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Epic failure I think

I own a D7000 and some good glass, and I think the J1 / V1 is going to prove a failure:

  • sensor is tiny so no DOF play and limited IQ. simpler to use an iPhone or a compact camera for most uses, the available samples so far show this clearly. Compacts will offer more compositional flexibility thanks to their zoom

  • if one wants better IQ and is OK with more complexity (interchangeable lenses) then m43 or APS-C mirrorless offer that better IQ.

  • lenses on the Nikons are ridiculously big for such a tiny sensor and slow lenses. What was Nikon thinking?

  • none of these cameras has decent manual controls, why?

  • whatever the actual AF performance (vs the claims) it's pretty clear that w Panasonic achieving AF times of 0.1-0.2s well it's difficult or potentially impossible to go faster. I suspect nikon used both PDAF and CDAF simply because their CDAF engine is very poor (as anyone who has compared a Nikon compact AF performance to a Panasonic compact AF performance, can witness - or as anyone who has tried a Nikon DSLR in CDAF mode can witness)

So as far as I'm concerned:

  • these J1 and V1 cameras are not for normal shooters: these are much better served by compact cameras which offer comparable DOF control, in a smaller package. Or they can use their iPhone, which is even smaller and always with you

  • they are not for more enthusiast shooters: these are better served by m43 or APS-C mirrorless, which offer bodies of comparable size or even a bit smaller, AF performance at least as good, ditto for video, AND lenses that are largely smaller despite covering a bigger sensor. Oh, and they offer real manual controls

  • they are not for enthusiast shooters

So my bet is this will be a failure. Unless Nikon come up with decent (fast) glass, more compact glass, and a higher-end model with manual controls, and flash.

My bet is this is a failure, but I'm of course not wishing Nikon to fail.

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