NEX7 Made in same factory in Thailand?

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Re: NEX7 Made in same factory in Thailand?

Rawfed wrote:

I just got a NEX-5N and it's made in Thailand too. Did Sony switch to Thailand because of the Japan problem (radiation)? Or are they cheaping out on us?

It matters to me if an item is made in China/Thailand or Japan. Japan is known for it's very high quality electronics and lenses, China and Thailand are known for cheap- poor quality.

Rubbish. Thailand makes a wide range of products from high quality to less so. They have done this for years. Nothing wrong with the quality of Honda cars for example. In terms of quality control, which would you rather buy, a Honda or a car off a USA assembly line? And I don't mean this to be direspectful of the USA either. Thailand has had a sophisticated optical industry for years. It's one of the best place s to buy spectacles for example. You would be amazed at the number of high end brands that are actually manufactured in Thailand and this happens across all kinds of products. Check where Timberland gets made (but you rarely see this brand on sale in Thailand).

And I did note Rawfed that you live in Thailand. For over twenty years my wife (who speaks Thai) and I have been travelling regularly to Thailand on business. We have many friends there in all kinds of areas of Thai life. I agree with some of your comments on corruption, but that has nothing to do with quality control at camera production lines.
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