Need a Reality Check - is it me or is my E5 'unreliable' for sports

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Need a Reality Check - is it me or is my E5 'unreliable' for sports


I'll show a few pics later today.

This is the third stint I have attempted with the E5 using the 50-200mm SWD. When I first got the camera I took it for athletics and came back with quite a few backfocused shots.

Many that commented suggested my technique was not good / sturdy enough / the Runner was too fast. Fair enough.

This time round same camera same lens to the swimming gala!

And the first thing my friend says when he handles my camera (with the vertical grip and two batteries for the extra power) is he 'feels' the C-AF is 'slow'. I disregard what he says.

When checking critical focus on the pictures, I constantly find my pics are either front focused (subject swimming away from me (backstroke)) or back focused (subject is coming towards me (crawl, free style etc)).

My question is - are people with the camera here experiencing the same or not. Oer the course of the day I went from high shutter speed to low shutter speed (3 - 4 fps), selected small focus and reverted to normal focus, tried the cross AF approach or single approach, attempted c-af lock on or off, and still saw the same problems.

AND I HAD the AF point ON the subject, as some previously suggested I may not have - I never felt I was off target with my athletics shots and reckon the fast swimmers are still slower than the runners.


In the midst of all this I am struggling to justify keeping this camera when my wife takes to her EP-3 which takes the majority of kid shots. We have the 25 f1.4 and 45 f1.8 coming in.

If I am unable to rely on the E5 for sports or event shots, then what's the advantage of this camera over the EP3? If I keep this camera it will be to invest in the 14-35mm glass and use as indoor events and sports.

I won't say I didn't get any good shots, but that I lost some perfectly great composures because the focus was simply off target when it should not have.


p.s. please play nice and logical.

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