A77 final FW is 1.02B

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Re: A question...

How can we know if his ramblings made an effect on Sony or not?

lonewolf69 wrote:


See MA55L - Good things come to those who W A I T... You wasted so much time/energy complaining about the IQ when it wasn't even ready yet, despite ALL of us on the forum telling you to relax...

You kept spouting on on on & ON about how "..but the reviews all state this is a FINAL representation of the IQ one can expect from a production A77..."

OMG all you had to do was wait... and YES, I'm definately telling you so because for some odd reason you just HAD to re-opened your other thread...

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From the minds of Minolta to the imagination of Sony, Alpha, like no other.


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What's that noise?

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