Trying to pick an audio solution for my Canon 60D

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Trying to pick an audio solution for my Canon 60D

Being a noob, my first 2 mics for my 60D were the Rode Videomic Pro and Rode Stereo Videomic.

The VMP set at +20db and Canon on manual 1 notch above zero works ok.
The SVM is only has -10db and makes HISS.

Digital recorder? Sure.

Even though everyone uses the Zoom H4N I read the Tascam DR-100 was better. Bought it. Can't plug in 3.5mm mics to the Line-in. Waay underpowered. Rode 3.5mm to XLR adapter ordered. XLR seems best but don't want to spend $1000 on good mics.
Plus its HEAVY atop the 60D's hotshoe.

If i do use a recorder I ordered a Sescom limiter cable to go from line-out to mic jack on the 60D. We'll see how good the audio is. But I've got PluralEyes for post sync.

Think I'll try the Zoom H1. Lightweight. Maybe the Sescom cable with a headphone jack will even work with it:

Feeling like the Rode Videomic Pro is it or spend $300 for a recorder + $600 for a NG-3 shotgun or/and $400 for a pre-amp or hell, $500/day for a sound guy.

Thoughts? Feelings? Hugs?

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