Who need Nikon F1 When there is NEX and Micro 4/3

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Re: Funny how people forget the Samsung NX

sensibill wrote:

I think you should to go back and re-read my 'assertion'. I never said the NX100 was better or even equal at high ISO to the G3 or GH2, just that it was close - and while that particular part of that particular sample may seem significant, the differences at 1600 are much less obvious, and I'd even go so far as to say that a bit more chroma noise does not always equate to more loss of detail.

It also bears noting that higher ISO is not the end-all gauge of IQ.

It is big part like the DR too is big part. You can believe whatever you want but controlled tests show that sony sensors are better than sensors in NX. It is just a fact based on tests (which is not what you said).

While the 16MP m43 sensor turns out cleaner higher ISO and no doubt has better DR at those settings, I prefer the NX output up to ISO-400 , both JPEG and RAW.

You can prefer garbage but it does not make it better for everyone. It just shows your personal preference which you already made clear with - Samsung sensors are better than Sony statement.

Better transitions, highlights, color, DR, SnR. Chroma noise on the NX is very regular and fine, quite easy to clean up in PP. My ISO-3200 sample + close crop below demonstrates what you can do with five minutes of NR tweaking in LR. Of course, high ISO JPEG on NX is not good.

Even with the arguable bits removed, the NX has better native glass than NEX and better sensor performance than 12MP m43. That alone should earn it at least a modicum of acknowledgment when the topic of mirrorless cameras is brought up.

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