Who need Nikon F1 When there is NEX and Micro 4/3

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Losing a battle vs. losing the war

Joele wrote:

So even in the lens department Nikon is bigger and/or heavier than the larger sensor u4/3 options (at worst they are equal, so what was the point of less DOF control with a smaller sensor???)...

This might change over the next few years. It might be too little too late, or it might be enough early enough. The competitors could mess it up, too, and it's not all about the technology. Panasonic is doing really great on the size and lens quality departments, less so in sensor technology, and not very well at all in international marketing and distribution.

For example, I preordered my GH2 when it was announced in Sep. 2010; Amazon cancelled my preorder against my will, and I didn't get the camera until January. But even then, it was a couple of months until you could even order a GH2 battery in the USA.

Panasonic could well lose to Nikon in the long term over stuff like this—although to be fair, Nikon do have their share of availability issues too.

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