Who need Nikon F1 When there is NEX and Micro 4/3

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Zvonimir Tosic
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Everyone needs to know N1 — it marks the end of photography ...

.. as we knew it.

With all the superimpressive, unprecedented data transfer speeds, superintelligence that can select several photos out of zillion from a single shutter release, 60 frame per sec recording, whatever else ... well, this was not designed to be a photography camera.

N1 is a superduper videography camera marketed to the bedazzled as 'the latest photography gadget'.

I mean photography as in 'a single frame', or 'a mind's picture' term, taken by someone's skill in anticipation of a right, decisive moment.

Decisive moment, where art thou? Anticipation, becoming one with the scene ... There isn't such a thing anymore with N1. N1 takes your brain out of equation and puts its mighty data crunching processor and fastest possible AF in charge.

It virtually dissolves not only traditional shooting modes and redefines approach to frame taking (which now becomes just a bookmark inside a stream of video), but dissolves terms, and expectations.

With cameras like these, who needs photographers, or even photography anymore? We can almost see N1 in an "Odyssey 2001" style story, where quite like the HAL 9000 computer it refuses to cooperate with humans thinking it is capable of making better decisions and better impressions of the world than with their help.

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