Ixus 220 HS- Elph 300 HS, first Pictures

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Re: Ixus 220 HS- Elph 300 HS, first Pictures

Yikes..sorry...new to posting on here. The "bullets" made my post bold and jumbled.

I've had both cameras in the last two days. I started with the 300 and returned it for the sx230. Why? Well I can't seem to let go of wanting some control over things the 300 just won't let you do. Plus I decided I like zooming more than wide angles. But picture quality? Here are their strengths in my testing

  1. better flash pictures by a long shot

  2. better auto WB with flash shots

  3. prettier skintones..more natural. (I will say I do find most of your pictures to be cooler and flat in color..my 300 HS was much different)


  1. more "depth" to the pictures

  2. sharper out of box

  3. less noisy than the 300 HS. I realize they are the same sensor and all that and perhaps their shouldn't be a difference, but there was.

  4. faster and more accurate AF. I had more in focus shots when I was testing how quick I could take a picture.

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