How many prints before you "Nail it" - or do you ever?

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Re: It may not be "You" - Photos & Equipment Change

A photo does look different in different light (day light in an office vs night time) and after drying for a couple of hours or a couple of days.

My monitor recently gave me fits just before "conking out" and burning out after 6 years of faithful service. Adjusted brightness and colors on printing for the last couple of months for a dying monitor that should have been nailed into the trash can.

Paper is not paper; make 4 "5x7" prints and use paper from the same paper supplier, same type, same gloss, same everything but two different packs because your ran out in the middle of a print job. You do not nail it - two "5x7"s come out one way - the other two "5X7" look just a "little different" - of course they are all going to the same person.

Point to all this crying is you do the best you can with what you have. Photography is an Art that is practiced and like all Arts is never, ever perfect. Editing pictures is an art in itself searching for who knows what (?) but changing what one does not like.

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