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Re: Too expensive and pointless

Too expensive, perhaps. But why impute your needs on everyone else. I have DSLRs like you mention, which sit on the shelf because I grab a smaller camera on my way out the door. Sometimes out with people or on the boat I even use the phone cam. Sometimes, as Nikon and Kodak well know the picture is a chronicle or a journal and sometimes it might also be a serious expression. For example, I have never carried a tripod around and I never would but tripod people eventually get good shots. It won't however be in a slot canyon or on a trail in Yosemite. As far as lugging a bag of lenses, that is definitely to be avoided at all costs. However if I know I am going out into an Eagle habitat I would love to put on a 600mm equivalent lens that doesn't feel like a brick or two flopping around on my neck during the hike in.

The stated target market is not you or even me. It is about people who have been carrying their cameras or phones everywhere and taking shots of everybody and everything along the way and sharing them and having fun sending pics to the boyfriend back home while they are suffering on vacation with their parents. They are into it and now they are going out in the world and would like to keep shooting but certainly not with anything much bigger than a pack of cigarettes. Its a great market and it is smart to cultivate it.

As far as price, the bodies are alloy and some of the specs are as good or better than pro level, but alas, times are not good.

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