hmm.. the Samsung NX200 Samples really do look better (comparison)

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aeolos Regular Member • Posts: 217
hmm.. the Samsung NX200 Samples really do look better (comparison)

I finally had some time too, to take a closer look at the samsung nx200 samples

short version:

  • a lot less noise

  • image sharpens up a lot better because there is less noise (no shadow noise at all?)

  • samsung did a great job improving their sensor.. they are learning pretty fast

so here are the samples..

the car shot from the dpreview samples and the blue train front from 30mm review

lets say we want to print big.. 20 inch at 300dots per inch so that print would have 6000*4000 pixel.. so lets compare both cameras at 6000*4000 and see how much we gain with the new sensor (better test would of course be with same subjects but i did not find those samples yet)

1:1 crop shadow comparison

1:1 crop detail comparison

the main complaint about the samsung nx cameras was often about the noise (which wasnt that bad in my opinion) so maybe the reviewers will have to say more good things about the nx cameras now and samsung can sell more of them..

anyways.. the reviewers should take a better look at the lens lineup anyways thats where samsung really shines and the competition especially sony just cant deliever.. but thats a whole nother story..

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