Thoughts on the Nikon 1

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Thoughts on the Nikon 1

Friends occasionally ask me for advice as to buying a digital camera.

My problem with the Nikon 1 is that I cannot think of a scenario where I'd recommend it.

If someone is an experienced photographer with a film system, I of course suggest a DSLR.

If they want something a bit lighter (both in weight and, for many purposes, on the pocketbook) but still an entry into a system with very good IQ, I recommend one of the m4/3 cameras.

If they want great portability, but are also concerned about IQ, I recommend one of the high-end compacts, such as the LX-5 or probably the P7100, depending on whether lens speed or reach meets their needs better.

If they want a P&S to photograph family, friends, and parties, I usually point them to reviews, since this is the area I'm least familiar with, although I help them in understanding terminology and features.

Absent from this list is of course is the Nikon 1. If someone is experienced enough to care about interchangeable lenses, they are likely want better IQ and the possibility of greater lens and accessory selection.

If they want a system, but care about weight, there are actually lighter m4/3 alternatives, as others have already pointed out, and you get better IQ to boot.

If weight and portability are the chief concerns, then a non-interchangeable lens camera makes more sense.

So where does the Nikon 1 fit? To me, nowhere. For any set of requirements that I can think of, there are better choices.

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