NEX7 Made in same factory in Thailand?

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Re: NEX7 Made in same factory in Thailand?

Rawfed wrote:

I just got a NEX-5N and it's made in Thailand too. Did Sony switch to Thailand because of the Japan problem (radiation)? Or are they cheaping out on us?

It matters to me if an item is made in China/Thailand or Japan. Japan is known for it's very high quality electronics and lenses, China and Thailand are known for cheap- poor quality.

Blimey, you must have had your head buried somewhere to still be thinking like that. Nikon has been producing high quality cameras in Thailand for a number of years. You must know that the Japanese have been off-shoring for decades to lower production costs not to lower standards. Thats why these companies set Quality Control standards.

If you ever visit Thailand and their production facilities you will understand the pride in which the workers take in their jobs...probably one of the reasons why western manufacture has been left decimated. When I'm in Thailand I'm always astounded at how important education is to the families, again there's pride in going to school, children from wealthy and poorer families mix in schools wearing the cleanest and neatest of uniforms. The way they return home and sit down to study, and do homework, something I don't think I see here in the UK.

I've been going to Thailand a lot to visit family, and whilst I know places aren't perfect, (witness the recent Red/Yellow shirt political troubles), sweeping statements that they're known for poor quality products I think is simply wrong, you conveniently overlook or don't register, the quality products produced in these places.

Sure there's a lot of cheap fake stuff produced there, it's free enterprise and opportunism, unrestrained capitalism! I think the days of 'made in' prejudice should be coming to an end...what next...when Canonikon open in other developing areas, are we going to say the same thing about a camera made in say..Abuja, when it has a Nikon or Sony label?

As for quality products out of Japan, I own an SD10, and SD14, and they must have had a QC bypass...the cameras are crude and the firmware crashes, they have internal dust and shedding shutters that drop debris and grease on the sensor....power problems...according to Sigma...what power drain problems...locking up...etc etc... sweeping statements about places and QC are nonsense IMO, crap's produced all over the world, as are some of the top products!

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