iPhone 5 as a nice P&S camera

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Re: iPhone 5 as a nice P&S camera

PaulRivers wrote:

If your car has been broken into twice and you've lost 2 s95's I definitely wouldn't keep another one in my car either, though I wonder how terrible your neighborhood is...or if you're doing something else wrong like leaving anything that looks like it might be valuable in sight in your car. Either way though that sucks.

We have been living in this neighborhood for > 35+ years. Never had cars broken. The attraction is caused recently by two cars (Lexus GX SUV and Mercedes SL 550) in the driveway. We have one car garage but lazy to parkacar in the garage. That was the problem. I drive Lexus. Once in a while we forgot to lock the car. Then, I guess that kid(s) broke into our car and made a lot of mess.

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