It's time to have 'Flat View' as default on this forum

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Barrie Davis wrote:

RubberDials wrote:

I'm not suggesting abolishing threaded view merely not making it the default. I believe a majority of posters aren't aware they can view the forum in flat view. It is after all the method used almost everywhere else on the web as archiebald points out above.

You are right. Almost everywhere on the web uses flat view for forums. However, I'm not using THOSE forums, because I can never see who replied to whom, and the whole experience becomes an increasingly pointless muddle...

.... especially as so many posters neglect to use quoted text, and the context of new posts becomes more and more obscure....

.... which happens because discussions become branched regardless of whether they are presented threaded, or not.

Obviously, since these forums are so popular, the presentation in threaded form can be no great disincentive...

.... and may actually be one of the attractions.... as in my case.

Therefore, I suggest you stop moaning, and be very grateful you've got a choice.

Incidentally your rudeness is unsolicited and not welcome.

Soenda was not in the least rude. Just very clear. The lady is notably clear in her thinking.

"Ahh... But the thing is, they were not just ORDINARY time travellers!"

She was rude and now you've been rude. ('I suggest you stop moaning'). The bellicosity of posters on this forum never ceases to amaze me.

I'd also have to disagree about her being 'notably clear in her thinking' since she appeared to misread my suggestion that all of the replies in a thread being presented to a viewer as an attempt to interfere with her John Wayne libertarian right to read only what she wants to and nothing else.

No-one is suggesting that everyone pore over every reply in every thread, but the methodology you and her are using of picking and choosing replies based on the threaded view will always mean that you have only a partial appreciation of the debate.

She also failed to address the original point I raised about threaded view leading to repetition and overlooking of interesting and informative material - sometimes the best replies in a thread.

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