Who need Nikon F1 When there is NEX and Micro 4/3

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Not really.

Wellington100 wrote:

Believe it or not the Nikon has a lower pixel density than the newest Sony Nex camera so the Nikon should have as good if not better dynamic range and low light capability . The only advantage the Nex has is more resolution and frankly 10mp is all anyone needs for A3 printing so what really is the benefit of the Nex?

You're wrong on both accounts. The new Nikon cameras have a pixeldensity of the euivalent of 31.7MP on APS-C. Compare that to the 24MP of the NEX 7.

Second, you're neglecting the difference in the amount of pixels. A larger sensor, or more equally sized pixels means more dynamic range and better light performance. If the V1 and J1 approach the quantum efficiency per area of a D3S sensor, they would still be more than a stop behind the NEX7 sensor.

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