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Re: Maybe it will be announced

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with the 9 series stuff next year. Maybe? - speculation alert- speculation alert-

Paul Genge gave a reasonable explanation why it hasn't seen the light of day yet- basically, tsunami.


But, the lens was first show something like 5 years ago.

But how many people buying the A290 do you think would have bought it?


It doesn't really matter, as the lens would probably be produced 'on order'. Nikon and Canon don't mass produce their most expensive lenses. They are made as they get an order. In fact, I remember reading about some rich Saudi prince who would special order expensive lenses that are basically one of a kind, just like they get custom Ferrari and Lamborghini cars made for them to drive around the kingdom.

That's not true (made to order) except for Canon's 1200/5.6 lens (assuming it's still in the catalog). All the other super telephotos, such as the 800/5.6 (Canon), 600/4, 500/4 and 400/2.8 are regular stock items for stores that carry them, subject in some cases (mostly Nikon) to supply shortages.

Where in my post did I mention the Canon 800, 600, 500, or 400mm lens? For a Canon pro shooter, these lenses are fairly common purchase, compared to the numbr of Sony users who would buy a 500mm f/4. They might make a few on hand, to reduce the time needed to fill an order, but this type of lens is made in small batches at most. As I recall, Minolta had a handful of workers that would assembly the most expensive lenses. If you look at my next post, where I provided a link to a site that showed a Canon 1700mm lens that cost $120,000, this is the type of lens that are made to order. Also, if you have the money, Canon would probably gold plate the lens for you. Nikon used to have a fisheye lens that was not mass produced, but made to order. I know this because one of my close friends used to be the Nikon rep in my area.

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