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chris1humphreys wrote:

.. I don't think full rights would ever constitute re-assigning copyright but he should certainly make that clear.

What do you think 'full rights' means then Chris - or more importantly, what do you think 'they' will believes it to mean ?

It's the same as someone asking for 'All Rights' , as for as I'm concerned - which is pretty common these days with even Editors, even though they only need to use the images for a one time only editorial feature in 1 country - and/or they only want to pay a fee that is equal to that amount of use.

But hey, if they can get you to agree to it, then happy days - as far as their Bosses are concerned, because now they can do as they please with your images, for as long as they like - which includes selling them on to others for them to use.

So the next thing you know, your images will be appearing in ads and in other companies brochures - who once where your clients - and you will be left wondering what the hell is going on.

Been here, done that - and didn't like the Tee-shirt - so I'm only trying to help.

Don't assume, put it in writing - and use this type of form whenever possible...

.. to prevent misunderstandings down the road - so as you all know what has actually been agreed, as opposed to what you or they may think has been agreed.

(The Association of Photographers Document/Forms available to the public:- )

P.S. Thanks for the compliment by the way - praise is indeed bread to any artist

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