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Re: Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

The new system isn't, and doesn't have to be, an 'epic' anything. It is a new system, which has been introduced with a basic system of lenses which will cover most general uses for the time being, until the already shown more specialist lenses follow. Also it looks as if it has been carefully positioned between the P&S and DX sensor mirrorless cameras in a way which may appeal to both sides, either moving up or down, and therefore could be attractive to a range of photographers.

Comments have been made about the fact that it is heavier than some of its possible rivals, this probably indicates high build quality and high quality glass in the lenses, it is a fact that high quality glass is dense and therefore heavy.

It appears to me that most of those who have made adverse comments are making them in relation to a camera, or camera system, which they already own or aspire to own. This is very often to justify to themselves their choice or the money they have spent on the camera, it certainly cannot be as a result of handling of the camera or a thorough comparison test of it against its rivals, since it is not yet generally available and therefore the comments they make are of little or no practical value.

Finally a number of critical comments are being made concerning the quoted price, which is compared to the 'street' price of similar cameras. Generally the 'street' price settles at about 75 to 80% of the list price within six months, an example being the 24-120 f4 zoom which was introduced at £1,050 and has now settled at about the £850 mark. This would indicate that by February/March next year the 'street' price will be around £650 to £700 for a V1 kit.

Before anyone starts jumping up and down screaming Fanboy, yes I own a Nikon D700 and a few AF-S and Ais lenses, that is because when I moved to digital after using a Canon Eos 3 for a number of years I found that the handling of the 20D did not suit me at all and the D200 just felt right. It is also very unlikely that I will buy one of the new cameras as the type doesn't appeal, this post is merely an attempt to introduce a bit of thought into the current debate.
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