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Re: Nex 5 has the same issue!

EmiBurstmode wrote:

A lot of press has been given to the Nex 5N. Some people have mentioned that the Nex 5 has the same problem with the clicking sound during video. I tested the issue this morning with my 3 month old Nex 5. When you pan, it is reasonably faint. When you shake the camera like a ragdoll (like most people have been demonstrating in the videos), it makes the same sound, seemingly as loud, as people have documented with the Nex 5N. I am just suprised this was never raised over the last 1+ year with respect to the Nex 5. Did people just miss it? It is defnitely the same issue and sound.

From what should be evident from the video I put up, there's no shaking involved while producing the sound, just a slight roll which when panning should equal just a small acceleration change. See video:

From what I've read on this forum, the orientation sensor on the NEX-5 is different and reacts more pronounced after a 45 degree roll, which seems to correlate with a more traditional mechanical positional sensor. If is is that sensor causing the problem in the first place.

I think the discussion has drifted of completely. I have a hard time understanding the defense of the faulty design, which apparently is worse now than it was on the previous NEX-5.

This is a consumer forum, and as such wouldn't it be in everyone's interest to bring up actual problems so we, the consumers, can make informed decisions before buying. Why don't we otherwise give our money away for free?

I could understand if Sony employees would sit here and claim that the problem is only due to user error i.e. wildly shaking camera while making videos, which is not the case. The problem on the NEX-5N is not the same as on the previous version of the camera, something in the design has changed and apparently made the problem much worse. I'm hoping Sony will actually resolve this soon so we can all be happy, until then the problem will still be there and a potential buyer should know about it.

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