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Re: I'm a bit embarrased..

harry cannoli wrote:

I should clarify. I FTP up to a server provided by my ISP. They provide me with a bunch of mysql databases. It was a simple (after a few hours) matter of configuring coppermine to work with the php/mysql capabilities provided to me by my ISP. Still, coppermine is very nice. When I upload a file it doesn't compress the image. What I pay my ISP for my web hosting is less than an unlimited account on any of the major hosting sites. Still, I really like the look of zenfolio.. As for php and mysql, that's stuff I would really like to know, but more than that, I would really like to understand CSS and flash a bit more.

Yeah, that's what I understood when you said that you have your own server.

On to RAW conversions. On your crop of the fabric, your reds are really saturated. I had the same problem, I ended up desaturating the reds by about 15% to get something that shows some detail. On the deep red fabric there isn't much detail in either of our crops. I would really like to see somebody extract some detail out of that deep red fabric, providing there is detail there in the first place..

Aha, now that's interesting. The file (+crops) that I uploaded were 'out of the box': just open the raw file, apply a profile (punch1 I believe) and then develop the jpg file. Of course a tiff will hold more info and detail, but we need to compare jpgs.

And of course you have to work on every different file in a different manner (desaturating reds in some cases, perhaps) to get the best out of the file, and the RAW convertor.

The OP was about getting the most out of this particular RAW file, if I remember well, every one using the RAW processor of choice. I didn't spend that much time...

That .CR2 file is interesting. I have analyzed my conversion and notice several flaws. Needless to say, the full size .TIFF shows more detail than any .jpg possibly could. Clearly, I'm not getting enough out of RT. I did try with ACR and DPP with similar results. I think I get better stuff using my own files. Maybe the IR RAW file is not 100% sharp to begin with. I don't know. I do know that when I really get a bird good, what I get looks sharper than the IR file. Either that, or the IR file is simply more challenging of an image.

The file is interesting indeed, many colors and many detail. You have made me think about it, and in the end I decided to run the file through every RAW processor I have, but instead of fiddling trying to get the best out of anyone (too much work, lol), I just tried to apply a profile as neutral as possible.

For instance, Lightroom applies a profile that already gives some puch to the picture, but then I changed to the 'Lightroom preset zeroed'. Same for every other processor (not in all cases is as simple as that, and I had to go through many sliders putting them to 0 in some cases).

Now that I have the 'neutral' files here... Well, I'll have to think about the results. If someone is interested, I could upload every file to my pbase site for discussion.

As for the red fabric, there is more or less the same amount of detail no matter what RAW processor. I don't know why, perhaps there is less detail in the RAW file to start with.

All in all, an interesting comparison (and the CR2 file, being boring and all, it is interesting for the comparison indeed).

Have a great day and thanks for the chat.

Thank you too, for the chat and for making me think about this stuff


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