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Capture One 6

I normally use Capture One 6 for my processor, sometime Lightroom.

Here are my "quick results" using the latest version of Capture One 6 on a Windows pc with a calibrated monitor.

I color balanced by setting the white balance to 5440K using the grey card at the top.

I kept the other settings rather standard and simple.
Sharpening was done using their preset "presharpening 1".

The high dynamic range setting for highlights was set by reducing the few visible clipped highlights.

The "saturation" listed in the exposure box is equivalent to LR's vibrance; 10 is a small bump and normal for Canon raw shots.
The exposure increase was set by "auto".

I did no other color enhancements, which I often do on my own shots in order to enhance a particular subject.

The result of this is shown in a small file

with a larger file, 400ppi, 8 in wide at

100% crops are shown in 4 in wide files.
The posted ones are 750 pixels wide, the "large ones" are 400 ppi





Comments welcomed.

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