Ricoh, Just say NO to 24mp - 1 stop noisier

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Re: Ricoh, Just say NO to 24mp - 1 stop noisier

viking79 wrote:

CharlieDIY wrote:

As usual, too many of us judge from too few examples, examples that are usually not the best in early releases. I'm curious to see how the 24MP works out in the Sony, but I'm not ready to jump off Pentax's wagon quite yet. Close, but not ready.

No need to jump, I imagine it is probable that we will see a Pentax with the same sensor not that far off. K-5 was announced a few months after the Sony using the 16 MP sensor.

I seem to recall the 645D--this could be poor memory--being razzed as not very good when it was first announced.

Some were complaining that the DXOMark score wasn't higher than the D3x, but the bottom line is it is exceptionally good. Maintains D3X ability with even more pixels and a larger sensor. Looking at crops from the 645D and there is way more detail.

Yes. The 645D is an inhabitant in my fantasy life.

I'm really curious to see what Pentax will do with the 24MP APS-C. As I recall, through several series, the Pentax results with a couple of good sensors exceeded those from other manufacturers. If that happens, then it may be time to trade in the K20D.

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