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Re: Time machines

phototransformations wrote:

My impression is that the Samsung designers and developers are at least a generation behind in their thinking, and that is why the features many of us want are not in the original design and not in firmware fixes. IBM was like this with OS/2, their competitor to Windows. I happened to work there at the time and saw how excited the enginneers and marketing people were that OS/2 was going to be able to do something that Windows was already doing, as if they had invented it afresh. Samsung's camera division seems similarly stuck. Even with the NX series, they seem to be stuck in a slightly older paradigm than their competitors.

What do you mean? OS/2 did proper multitasking which windows didn't, it had lots of useful stuff built in, which windows didn't have. Problem was getting it installed But stability wise far superior to the windows at the time (3.11 IIRC) and far superior to the crappy windoze 95.

If there was anything else in there they were proud of that was in windows, give an example please.

In order to add the kinds of firmware enhancements we all want, they would need to enter a time machine and take it to the present day and see what else is around them, instead of making small refinements and bug fixes to what they already have.

Perhaps they will do that with their next generation. The only other product I have is a Samsung TV, and it seems to be "modern" and the tech support people seem responsive, so there they have achieved the present time in their outlook, though they may not be the cutting edge.

People have tunnel-vision a lot of the time. The time that disappears is when they look at the competitors. This is also why competition helps improve products. However with camera's there's a case of protecting markets. Compacts are not made as well as they can be, small interchangeable lens camera's have less useful features or even moronic placement of buttons, dials. Why? To protect the more expensive segment above. It just has to be, because the only other solution to this riddle is to assume these people don't use their own stuff.

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