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A few arguments

I think we need a more balanced discussion here. Most people seem to have expected or desired a NEX competitor. The NEX series is actually quite interesting as a new development, and I expect future Nikon cams to include similar technology, but I fail to see the fundamental advantage of the NEX compared to the SLRs with respect to form factor (it is maybe 250g of weight and 2cms of thickness).

But lets focus on the new 1 series. I see multiple arguments where these cams are at least competitive if not better than other systems.

1. Compact and EVF

I have vision problems and wear glasses. For me, a good viewfinder is much more comfortable, in particular in bright light. For the sake of the argument, let us rule out optical finders (bye X10:-) and mirrors. That leaves us with

  • Nikon V1

  • Panasonic G3

  • Olympus E-P3/E-PL3 with EVF-2

  • Sony NEX7

I find that the first three are in the same price range (let's see what the street prices of the Nikon are) and of comparable size/luggability. The NEX7 is more expensive as expected. Without debating the relative merits of these cameras, that is not a bad start. The V1 has a sensor size disadvantage, but let's see actual results first.

2. Responsiveness and AF speed

Most camera users (I avoid the term photographers or professionals shoot friends and family, pets and other live scenes. If you are into landscape, a different set of requirements applies. For me, DSLR responsiveness is extremely desirable to get the right shot. So the V1 with fast processing, hybrid autofocus and high burst rates might actually get at the top of the non-DSLR crowd. Let's see, initial feedback looks like it is possible.

3. Video

If you have'nt noticed: this camera has been equipped with many video-related features. It is not aiming at the professional level, but in terms of video, the V1 might surpass all other Nikons. With the 10-100 it is in direct competition with the GH2. The smaller sensor will actually help consumer video (not everybody is capable of producing the Hollywood look). Look at the press event image with the additional LCD, grip and video light. Again, we have to wait for first tests, but I myself do find the new "motion snapshot" stuff interesting.

4. Image quality

For me, the IQ of my D50 is still enough. I can clearly see the improvement of the new models in resolution and low noise, but for my viewing situation (42 inch HDTV without zooming), the improvement is hardly relevant for the experience. I expect that the new sensor will perform on a similar level, which would be good enough for me (and probably many others). I definitely expect it to be visibly better than P&S, where I still see colour noise in dark areas from ISO 800 even on a HD screen.


I guess Nikon will have a nice margin on these. That will allow them to make money and fund all the other developments that we want.

The new system avoids any competition with their DSLRs, but I am sure that the new techniques will find their way into the higher models with larger sensors (it may just take some time ...)

The system is clearly targeted towards mainstream users, but I think these users (maybe including me) will get clear benefits over top-of-the-line P&S models.

It was clear from the earliest rumors that this system would not be king of resolution, high iso, dynamic range or shallow depth of field. The race towards these goals is running elsewhere (Sony being openly aggressive, Nikon and Canon quietly preparing their responses...).

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