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Re: Who should buy it?

Andi Buchner wrote:

I really ask myself who should buy this camera? The only argument I can find for myself is it's size and HiSpeed photography (like the Casio's).

Size is the reason so many people shoot pictures with cell phones. I'm sure plenty of consumers will buy these for size, features, cool factor, image quality versus compacts. But to my mind, the slow lenses offset the sensor size to a much greater degree than they do on 4/3 or APS-C. That's always been the classic debate: 1/1.6" prosumer versus an APS-C kit - how much low light capability do you lose with the smaller sensor & faster lens ? The answer has always been that the larger sensor kit is a bit better, but of course gives you the option of faster lenses to exploit it.

So now we have a situation where the kit lens gives you a camera with low light capabilities that could be worse than something like the Fuji X10 or the XZ1 (going strictly off sensor sizes & lens speed). For the consumer looking for a compact solution, is there a distinct advantage ? What remains to be seen is whether any fast primes will come along. The f/2.8 pancake is very slow on a 2.7x crop sensor. Will there be an f/1.2 prime as rumored ? How big & how expensive will it be ?

Low light isn't everything, of course, but in good light, there's little need for the larger sensor in the first place, and you can make use of a fast lens & big sensor (high ISO) as soon as you start shooting motion indoors, even under overcast skies.

I suspect a lot of consumers could be happy with this system and will enjoy its unique features. I also suspect a lot of consumers could be let down when their results in suboptimal lighting conditions aren't much better (maybe worse) than they could get from a p&s.

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