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Epic Win or Epic Fail - Think Pronea....

Why oh why had Nikon to do this? Why build a camera that's both ugly and sub-par on a tech level? They've had all the time in the world watching competition developing mirrorless cameras and chosse to do a half assed copy of the pentax mirrorless system, making it more expensive than their entry level dslr and giving it all the good looks and usability of something build in East-Berlin ca. 1975. It will fail. And not even that will be epic. Just logic.

I would have gladly spend some serious cash on something like a Nikon NEX - metall body, APS-C sensor (or FF...dreaming) to complement the existing DSLR system - great possibilities, think Video (yes, I want it), noiseless shooting (YEAH), super steady shooting of a tripod for HDR, compact on it's own for stuff that doesn't require a super speedy AF...

I would gladly spend more if it's from Nikon - same UI, same ports, might use an SB or a F-mount lens, come on, charge me.

I will not buy this - and I fail to see why anybody should. There are far superior systems on the market for any niche I can think of - except for the "we want cold war design" crowd.

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