Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

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Re: Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

what amazes me is that nikon CLEARLY stated this camera wasn't for pro's, yet the only people whining in forums are pro's and advanced amateurs. No, it won't replace your D700.

also stop comparing this system with nex. Nex has no lenses available and quite frankly besides the announced zeiss, they all suck. I would never invest in a system where there is no glass... and most pro's would agree with me. Nikon has an interesting roadmap for this system and right away I can tell you it looks better than sony's.

There are some things to celebrate about the 1 IMO:

1) the new movie and AF advances will make their way onto the next pro-bodies... and it will be awesome !!!

2) you can by a 1 body and use your F lenses !!! sure it's a not a big sensor, but what about that 70-200 becoming a 189 - 540 !!!!! add a 2x III and... you do the math.

3) the size is great, especially the j1. sure you'll miss the viewfinder but it makes the price a lot better for this type of camera.

The bottom line is if I were shopping for a proish compact today (lx5, g12), which I happen to be. I'd seriously consider this instead, especially the j1. Imagine you buy a compact camera that is compatible with your f lenses !!!

I'm not sure it's a epic win, but it's a very cool product imo

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