Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

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Re: Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

These cameras are going to be colossal failures. First, who would buy them? There are two possible markets: (1) Those who want a compact camera with a good lens. Nikon fails here because Oly and Panasonic already make 4/3 cameras with greater resolution, 12 and 16 mpx, and which are cheaper. Sony makes the smaller NEX series with Zeiss lenses and with much, much, greater mpx. Someone standing at a counter and comparing the Nikons with their competition would never buy the Nikon, especially as it is priced.

The other market is comprised of those who have already invested in the Nikon system. Me, for instance: I have 30 years worth of Nikkor lenses, a D300 and a D3x. I would like a small rangefinder that used Nikon lenses, but why would I want to pay ~$700 for a 10mpx camera? Instead I purchased a pair of 4/3 cameras, an Oly PL2 with 12.3 mpx, and a Panasonic G3 with 16 mpx. Both cameras already have useable kit lenses, but I also bought $50 adaptors for my Nikon lenses. Manual focus is something I am quite used to from the film days, so I am not bothered by the loss of AF.

So, again, who is going to buy these cameras?

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