Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

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Re: Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

Real scenarios:

  1. 1. My girlfriend really loves the photographs I take with my d5100. She has expressed interest in owning a d3100 ($699.95 US). She trust the Nikon brand. Interestingly enough she is also quite fashion concious and likes her tech to have "a look". Is the NJ1 at it's $649.95 US starting price a better suited alternative to the d3100?

My assesment: is that if the image quality of these camera/lens systems is on par with that of the d3100 then certainly its worth a buy.

  1. 2. I will at some point next year buy a back up body to my d5100 OR buy a better body and use my d5100 as my back up. I already own a P&S Fuji so I am not in the market for a smaller camera. Is the N1V1 starting at $899.95 US a possible back up to my d5100 ($849.95 US)?

My assessment: No, no, no, no, no. BAD pricing!!! Do not get me wrong, I know the technology used in building this camera has to cost enough to get to the roughly $900 US price point but you can get a d5100 body for less.

Moving away from my real life scenarios the N1V1 system seems a bit too costly unless of course these cameras have comparable (or perhaps even better) image quality etc than their dslr "equivalents".

Now moving away from the Nikon brand you have to consider the competition from other brands.

For me I think the N1J1 is a sweet deal. People like my girlfriend will love them especially with their colours etc. But when you move up close to the 1k price point what is the point? Portability? Their are cheaper P&S cameras that have superb image quality. How exactly does the N1V1 come into play at that price? I have no problem with the system itself. I see a place for the technology. I just do not see that place at that price!

For sure there is a market for that type of camera. It will be interesting to see just how the N1V1 fits into that market. For sure I can see the N1J1 being a success.

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