Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

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Re: Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

I currently have both DX and FX bodies and (almost) enough lenses -the big 3 2.8 zooms for example. Like everyone else I want/need some lightweight option that I can afford as my economic situation has collapsed since I bought the DSLRs. My first reaction to the confirmation of these extensively leaked specs is disappointment.

I think it's fairly obvious that Nikon are pitching these products at what they perceive as the broadest "enthusiast" market sector. Not - as many people have already remarked - the sort of people who use forums like this one. The amount of (albeit quite interesting) gimmickry incorporated into these cameras makes that clear. Likewise the ergonomic omissions. The 10 Mp decision would tend to counter this however. Quite how they're going to exploit this now crowded market sector will be interesting. I don't think it's impossible that these products will turn out to be a marketing disaster - even if they prove to be a technical success.

I guess not many of us will get the opportunity to do a serious hands-on comparison of the various competitors for our money so we'll have to wait until sites like this do it for us. At first glance these products look far from compelling.

The only temptation, for me, is the same one that prevailed when I bought my first DSLR; I already had quite a lot of Nikon MF lenses and imagined I'd be using them far more than actually became the case. So the prospect of the F mount adaptor (when? how much?) plus some of my longer lenses, makes for interesting possibilities in the field of wildlife photography. I have a Sigma 150-500... X 2.7... Hmm.


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