Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

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Re: Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

regarding your comment about the NEX-7... I agree... it has been on my radar for some time too... I lost interest in the Nikon mirrorless system when I first heard about the crop factor... I think Sony made the right choice with APS-C... it's the small SLR replacement I want

As an aside, I see the 1 system as a testbed for new technologies... I think we will see a DX and FX mirrorless from Nikon at some point... it's the future... and they seem to be off to a flying start with their off-sensor AF and metering systems......

dgc4rter wrote:

As a proud owner of a Nikon D700 and D7000 - what was I hoping to see from the new mirrorless offering that would complement these two outstanding DSLRs?

Well, let's list my personal requirements;

1.) Small, well-built and well-designed compact body (but not too small to be finicky and difficult to handle)

2.) A sensor that can compete with the current cream of the competition. IMO the ones to beat are, undoubtedly, the Sony NEX systems. Not bothered about megapixels. Low light, high ISO performance is the Holy Grail in my book. The D300 APS-C 12 Mp sensor would have done it for me.

3.) Controls and functions geared up for the enthusiast photog. i.e. Easy to get at functions.
4.) State of the Art EVF. Comparable with Sony's or Fuji X100.

5.) Good range of small, fast prime lenses. I really don't see the point of putting massive lenses on a small compact camera. I may as well just keep using my DSLRs.

Obviously a few others but the above are the ones that easily spring to mind.

So, how many of these requirements does the J1/V1 satisfy. Errr... none really.

I have a Sony NEX-7 on pre-order because I think this camera is going to be a real "game changer". There's no doubt that it is causing a serious buzz around the industry and community. I can't see anything like that being generated from Nikon's announcement today.
Dave Carter

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