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Ashley Morrison Photography wrote:

chris1humphreys wrote:

The point I've been trying to make here is you have to guage just how much someone is willing to pay.

Which is based on the 'value to them', rather than the 'value to you' - and it's important to remember that and understand the difference, when negotiating the fee or any deal.

If Martyn plays his cards right here, he could get paid royalties on this image for years to come - which could add-up to a lot more than any one of fee , which the owner of this beach club may be prepared to pay for right now. So he should negotiate the fee using the 3 things I mentioned above, rather than assuming or trying to guess what the owner might pay - because he may be very pleasantly surprised to find out it's worth a lot more to the owner, than what he though and/or it cost him to produce.

As I said before: it's a great shot and I'm quite sure they will 'want to use' that image a lot - for years to come, in various media, not only in their own country but internationally as well.

So don't be to quick at giving it away Martyn - for just a few euros - as your boat may have just come in.

You may be right, and I hope for the OP's sake that your are. But my experience is that I seriosuly doubt it, at least in this case.

Martyn, do let us know how you get on with your negotiations and if this does indeed result in 'your boat coming in'! Or as the case may be if you push to hard 'your ship has sailed'!

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