Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1

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Re: Epic Win or Epic Fail - J1/V1: They Already Won

People are talking about them.

jerrycambuk wrote:

I'm starting this thread simply as I was getting annoyed reading some of the garbage written on here, and other forums, by gear heads moaning about the J1/V1 launch as if it is worse than the ending of time. So, I am asking the question many have already commented on in other posts, has Nikon scored an EPIC WIN, or an EPIC FAIL with the J1/V1 launch today?

My twopenneth:

As a D700 user with a bag of F mount lenses, and with a wife and small son as well, the LIFESTYLE choice (knocked by so many) of the V1 is for me, very interesting.

It will not replace my D700 (never never never) BUT........ My wife, who is not a photohead but loves taking photos, and loves the quality we get from the D700 and the F mounts, will probably love a V1, and the adaptor to use our 16/35 or 50 f1.4. We may well buy a V1 with (horrors!!) a kit lens, and I'm sure my non techno wife will love it, as will my son, for whom this type of camera will be simple to use and will give him great results which at the age of 2 1/2 he would never be able to get from Daddy's DSLR.

Furthermore, the claimed focussing speed and shooting time lag could make this supposedly worthless compact into the only camera apart from a fully blown DSLR which is actually fast enough for kid and sports photography, but in a small package. And that is a huge positive.

Finally, back to LIFESTYLE - the thought of HD video in a small cam like this makes me think that now is the time to say bye bye to the Canon Legria (no HD) the couple of old Powershots, and the Canon D10, to be replaced by one compact camera which looks to have excellent compatability with my 'big-boy' system.

So, EPIC WIN Nikon, well done.

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