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Re: I'm a bit embarrased..

harry cannoli wrote:

Thanks. No problems here either

Coppermine is photo gallery software that resides on my server. It's easy to use and I'm not paying flikr or smugmug or any of those guys. When there's a problem with it things can go bad in a hurry. I tried to get it to take a gigantic jpeg and it freaked out on me. I keep everything backed up so I switched over to the backup and now everything is fine. I wish I knew more about mysql and php and all that jazz.

That's pretty interesting.

I haven't bothered to have a server of my own so far, but this is something I will likely someday do.

Having been working as a software developer myself for a bunch of years, I like messing up with open sourced tools (like Joomla or Moodle for instance). I even have had my way through php+mysql (they are not the tools that I've acquired experience with in my previous jobs, though)

Thanks for the info!

Take care


Anyways, thanks. Much appreciated.


Jaims wrote:

harry cannoli wrote:

Jaims wrote:

nedelcho wrote:

I meant the OP's convertion :). Frankly it sucks in terms of detail, colors and contrast&dynamic range.


RawTherapee can do a lot better, here is my take. But first:

Here's what I meant to post, coppermine glitched on me after I screwed around with it, trying to get it to swallow a 15mB file.

No problem, I just saw your corrected versions after I published mines.

Not knowing what could have happened, thought that I better posted a better image.


PS: I didn't know about coppermine, I'll give it a look


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