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ABA DABA wrote:

FWIW, OK it is a great shot, how much did it cost you to press the button?
What were you doing there? did it cost you anything to get there?
Whats your time worth (1/80 sec) @ f-8
Are you greedy like some or are you interested in making a few euro's.

I'd cut a deal with the owner(there might be future work involved)either from him or by a recommendation from them. Who else would need that shot? Stock?????
Look at it from different angles,present and future.

This doesn't really make sense. There is a lot more in that picture than 1/80 sec. That is why a lowly photographer might charge £30 a hour and a top one several hundred.

It's not a matter of being greedy. You could give a hundred people a camera and put them in this spot and they would never get a picture like this. I agree with being realistic about the price to this bar owner, but if you get used to charging peanuts you will find it hard to ever earn a reasonable amount from photography. And if you charge him a low amount he will not want to pay more for any future work either - he will just think you are ripping him off if your prices suddenly treble. Basically 80 euros is just too cheap.

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