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Ashley Morrison Photography wrote:

chris1humphreys wrote:

... if I've already done the work and someone contacts me for a resale, I charge a lot less and still make more than I would if I hadn't made another sale.

Common sense really.

Doesn't really make sense to me, especially if the other person wants to use the image more than the first person who wanted to use it.

Think about it: just because you pay a hotel to stay in one of their rooms for a night i.e. you want to use something that they have produced for others to use - doesn't mean the next person who wants to use that room pays a lot less than you, especially if they are wanting to use it to 2 weeks.

That would be a crazy way to run a hotel - but yet it would appear to be that what you are suggesting here !!


Hi Ashley, in architectural photography it's quite simple. Say an architect pays me to shoot a building they have just finished, I charge the going rate for my services and supply the shots. I then may get a call from a manufacturer who supplied the cladding, they want to use the shots I've already taken. Their choice is to either pay me for the shots taken or commission another shoot.

So the charge of the resale has to be less than the cost of the shoot otherwise it would make more sense for them to commission a shoot and have some unique pictures of their own. Also, they may not want all of the shots, so I offer them a rate per photo on a sliding scale, the more the buy the less they pay per picture. When I say I charge less for a resale, I still make a decent amount as you have to remember it is pure profit at that stage, the shoot is done and my only cost is sending them a disc.

The point I've been trying to make here is you have to guage just how much someone is willing to pay. Quote too much and you'll scare them off. It comes down to experience and knowing your market really.



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