GXR Mount A12 compared with Leica M8/M9

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Re: No problem for the M9

Pangloss wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Just shows how little I know about Leica cameras!

Well, you just have to check their website to see that they are not selling the M8 or M8.2 anymore.

... Leica is to make and market a smaller cheaper lower margin camera body that might steal some sales from their M9.
Kill the GXR-M and the M9 with one blow?

The M9 is established as a unique product with no competition: a rangefinder with a FF 18MP sensor in a traditional M-style body that makes no concessions with regards to style or quality.

If the Leica management team decide to launch an M-mount mirrorless camera body with an APS-C size sensor, in the $4000 range, they are obviously expanding Leica's product range. They are not concerned at all with the GXR-M (Ricoh doesn't even show up as a blip on Leica's radar) nor with hurting sales of the M9 (different products for different market segments).

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I agree with everything - wow! Except about the blip on Leica's radar surely you are not in denial mode that Ricoh Inc is 100 times bigger than the Leica camera company? I think they are too big a possible rival to fly under their radar.

I honestly also agree that Leica are not concerned at all about Ricoh challenging the M9 - that would be a preposterous thought. However there has been a vacant spot below the M9 in the market and nobody thought to fill it not even Leica themself.

Now that Ricoh has made a move - Leica might bring out a junior M9 just in case Ricoh gets too cheeky.

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