Will NX have the Focus Peaking feature like NEX

Started Aug 19, 2011 | Discussions thread
Ariston Senior Member • Posts: 2,401
Re: Will NX have the Focus Peaking feature like NEX

8x magnification is more than enough for me. I prefer it more compared to focusing peaking. and it doesn't really that better or faster at all compared to focus peaking. well, maybe it is better than image enlargement if you really have a bad case of strabismus. what I like about image enlargement is the ability to fine adjust focus at the smallest point of area possible. focus peaking however is more on estimation of focus at a certain area. it kinda sound the same and follow the same principle if we were to say this, although the rely on the focus reading meter for the optimal sharpness.

with regards to the High ISO performance, this could be a make or break for the user on how important High ISO is.

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