Sigma customer service?

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Sigma customer service?

As some of you know when I first got my SD15 it did not work properly with the EF530 flash units. Also the EF500 did not work on camera. The SD15 manual states clearly that the EF500's will not work in wireless ttl mode.

Mr. Kazuto Yamaki emailed me requesting that I send all flashes and the camera to Sigma US at their expense.

From there it was sent to Japan. Three months later (last October) I received it all back with updated flashes and version 1.01 on the camera, however wireless ttl did not work beyond 5 feet. The three EF500 flashes are now fully compatible with the SD15 in all modes including wireless ttl.

The day after Version 1.02 was posted I received an email from a Mr. Matsumoto of the Sigma Aizu factory informing me that v 1.02 was available and apologizing for the long delay. They obviously kept track of me and took the time to notify me personally.
In my reply I thanked him and mentioned the problems introduced by 1.02.

Today he responded stating that they will try to reproduce the problem and find the solution.

When my SD14 produced really green images at random I sent it in. Within two days I received a call from Sigma telling me they were sending a new camera.

When my 80-400 lens was waiting for parts, after two weeks I asked if there was a point at which they would replace the lens. Two days later I had a new and improved model of the 80-400.

Perhaps a little respect goes a long way with them. Shouting "Hello Yamaki" or expecting Sigma to treat dpreview as their email in-box may not be the way to go.


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