A77 purchasing strategy - risk mitigation against divorce

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Re: A77 purchasing strategy - risk mitigation against divorce

Gary-West Sussex wrote:

I have read recently in a couple of threads on this forum the various things people want to, or do actually purchase, and the great lengths they are going to in order to break the news gently to their wife. Kind of easing in acceptance of the need for this next piece of kit, introducing the advantages and then only sharing details of the full cost only as a last resort, then keeping their head down for a few weeks........this has given me much amusement.

I thought (and with the imminent arrival of the A77) that members on this thread would mutually benefit from sharing their purchasing strategy in order to achieve their photographic ambitions without ending up in the dog house for too long........

So I will start the ball rolling.............

1) Keep separate bank accounts

We do that. I also have more credit cards.

2) Buy your wife an expensive piece of kit that she would like about a month previous to purchasing the A77........this is agood one

Not the best plan... can't overspend twice! I nice long three day weekend out on the coast works.

3) If you already have more than 6 camera bodies - just try and slip it into the camera bag without making a big issue of it and hope that she doesn't notice (risky this one)

She can't tell the A700 from the A350 from the 7Hi from the 400si from the XD-11 frm the XE and from her FTb. I'm pretty good here.

4) Conveniently manage to damage (you could pretend) your existing camera body to the point of uneconomic repair.....so there is an urgent need for a replacement.

Well... the A700 died 2 weeks ago after 3 years and 70,000 hard clicks (mostly out on hikes in dusty or damp surrondings). She thought the $248+ was a bit much to fix it and said "What about a camera like John's new one?"

The perfect opportunity to reply - "John has a Nikon D700 and the body alone costs $2700 plus his 24-70mm and 70-200mm zooms are about $2000 each. I would NEVER spend that kind of money."

I told her that the new replacement for the A700 is the A77 and it's thirteen hundred something. Her reply - "Sounds like a Christmas present". My reply back - "Sounds like an EARLY Christmas and Birthday present!"

Just a bit of fun........but does anyone else have any unusual strategy ideas......

Anyway, the A77 is pre-ordered and I'm still debating fixing the A700.

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