It's time to have 'Flat View' as default on this forum

Started Sep 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
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hate flat view

RubberDials wrote:

I've been reading these forums for going on five years and time and again in a thread I see people repeating the same answers or re-posting questions long after they have been answered.
Isn't it time to have Flat View as default, rather than Threaded View?

I've been a member so long I can't recall what is "default", either way I would switch to threaded view if available. And I recently read where as DPR continues pushing their updated design and layout into the forums they will only add features and not remove them.

With threaded view, I can tell who is replying to whom provided they know where to click "reply". It's easy to see someone using flat view because they are replying in a sub-thread and post something not in line with the sub-thread that must be meant as a reply to the OP.

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