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Always amuses me when the advice comes back as 'you should be charging thousands' for something like this. Looking at this realistically, the chances are the owner has seen the shot and thought 'ooh nice, I wonder if he'd be willing to let me use it in exchange for a free coffee and a cake'. Then they've thought maybe they should be offering some cash as a token gesture, after all photography isn't expensive these days is it?!

I'd say you were spot on with your original thought, 100 at the most.

Surely you cannot be in business for yourself. (I see from your website that you presumably are, I just can't figure out how in the world you could hold that opinion while simultaneously running a successful business.)

Better with cash in your pocket than nothing in a case like this.

The opposite of this. Better to make nothing than to charge less than a fair rate.

Believe me I charge the maximum I feel I can for each job. But you've got to be realistic and have a second instinct for these things. We're not talking about Microsoft asking for a usage right quote to promote their brand here. We're talking about a bar owner who is probably struggling in today's economy like all of us, he won't be expecting to pay thousands and nor will he.

"Better to make nothing than to charge less than a fair rate", really?! Well if you manage to live off your principles then good for you, but hard cash works better for me. If I'm being commissioned for a job (most of my work) then I charge a fair rate and make my money, if I've already done the work and someone contacts me for a resale, I charge a lot less and still make more than I would if I hadn't made another sale.

Common sense really.


I think you hit the nail right on the head there. Couldn't agree more.


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